Zury Sis Invisible Top Part Lace Front Wig - Tory ("C"-Part)

$ 45.99 $ 40.49

Brand: Zury Hollywood

Royal Imex Zury Hollywood Sister Wig Invisible Top Part Futura Synthetic Hair Lace Front Wig - TORY (Deep Lace Part, Natural "C"-Part)

How to put on an Invisible Top Part wig 2 ways

Option 1 Wear as a WIG:
Invisible Top Part Wigs are easily wearable with or without a stocking cap, utilizing the hair combs and adjustable straps to simply secure in your stylish look.

Option 2 Reveal Your Natural Part:
1. "O" Shape Cut: in Middle of  Top Section in lace Material to show own part. (recommended) "V" Shape Cut: Optional way to show more natural part.
2. Bring out own natural hair at opened portion: comb out, blend and style, as desired. Use styling productions, as desired.

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