Zury Hollywood

Zury Sis Fit Cap Synthetic Hair HD Lace Front Wig - Alana

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Color: 99J Black Burgundy

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Royal Imex Zury Hollywood Sister Wig Fit Cap Futura Synthetic HD Hair Lace Front Wig - CFL-FIT H Alana (Hook it, Draw Wig, Fit it)

Hook it, Draw it, Fit it
• Vacuum Bag: By fastening the drawstring, any hollow or loose space will be eliminated at the nape area.
• Hook & Eye Straps: Provides extra security. Helps the cap lay tight and flat.
• Stretch Cap: Big head size friendly. Lightweight and breathable mesh cap.

How to adjust the cap to your head size
1. Chose 1 of 3-level hook & eye and hook it
2. Put the cap on. The hook & eye strap should be laid on the nape.
3. Fasten the drawstring at the nape area.

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