Zury Sis Beyond Non-Slip Wigrap HD Lace Front Wig - Dayla

$ 64.99 $ 47.84

Brand: Zury Hollywood

Royal Imex Zury Hollywood Sister Wig Non-Slip Wigrap Edge Saver HD Transparent Lace Front Wig - BYD WG-Lace H Dayla (Velvet Wig Band Attached)

Sister Wig Hollywood Beyond Lace Front Wig
Beyond your imagination.
The Most Realistic and Luxury 100% Hand-Tied Part. Comfortable & Secure Fit

• Non-Slip Wigrap Edge Saver
• Edge Saver: No Glue Necessary
• Velvet Wig Band Attached
• Whole Thin Weft Cap
• Lightweight + Flat Fit
• HD Transparent Lace
• Hand-Tied Part
• Heat Safe Up To 400 °F
• Sombre Color Available

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