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Saga Remy Human Hair Piece - FULL LACE CLOSURE

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Brand: Shake-N-Go

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Shake-N-Go Milky Way Saga 100% Remy/Remi Human Hair Piece - SAGA LACE CLOSURE


• Real Natural Look
• Length - 10"
• Professional Finish
• Flexible Hair Parting
• Soft Comfortable Skin Pad
• Closure+1 pack SAGA=Complete Style

Step by Step Instruction

1. First cornrow the clean conditioned hair, then place the SAGA REMY Closure Piece on top of the head so you may pre-determine where you want to weft the closure piece. Eye mark the area.

2. Remove the closure piece aside and begin sewing with SAGA REMY hair tracks ear to ear up to temple area 3/4" increments apart until it reaches the surrounding lace of the closure piece.

3. Carefully place the closure piece tight on the head and anchor the left and right side to position in place and to prevent gaps in the forehead area. Sew the closure following its U-shape form.

4. To finish, sew in two SAGA REMY hair weft track layers on top of lace to fill the gap between closure track and weft extensions.

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