Rose™ by Velvet Remi Human Hair Weave - Yaki

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Outre ROSE™ by Velvet 100% Virgin Remi(Remy) Human Hair Weave - YAKI

Outre, the creator of Velvet Remi (Remy) is proud to present Rose, the most luxurious, healthiest, and the most exclusive remi (remy) human hair product available in the market today.

It all starts from the most meticulously selected Remi raw material, of which only less than one percent is of acceptable quality.

The hair then undergoes a gentle cleansing precess during which the outer cuticle layer remains intact. After cleansing, the hair is treated with our exclusive treatment that supplies moisture and nutrition while balancing the pH level. Since the hair is healthy from the start, Rose does not require any additional harsh chemical treatment, or temporary conditioner coatings.

Rose™ is luxury, style, and purity in every strand.

Rose by Velvet Human Remi Weaving Hair


The specific weave or braid procedure will determine actual hair maintenance requirements. Ask your hair stylist for specific care and maintenance.

• Detangle hair from ends to roots before shampooing. • Carefully wash with lukewarm water with mild shampoo. • Do not rub or twist the hair but gently finger the hair. • Follow with conditioner and rinse, • Pat dry with towel and do not roll or rub the hair dry into the towel. • Air dry or blow dry with diffuser or as recommended by your hair stylist. • Styling tools may be used only when completely dry.

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