Naked Nature Unprocessed Remy Hair Weave - BRAZILIAN REMY (Bundle Hair)

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Color: Natural

Shake-N-Go Saga Naked Nature™ Unprocessed Remy Human Hair Weave - BRAZILIAN VIRGIN REMY (Bundle Hair)

Everyone knows any color treatments will damage the hair. That is why it's critical for the hair to be healthy in order to process the hair. The secret to the Naked Brazilian hair is its robust health which is a comparison to raw hair. Introducing the Naked Brazilian Virgin Hair Series. Healthy and "dye-namic" natural hair one can confidently trust. Naked Brazilian hair is amazingly rich radiant healthy hair, even after a color treatment. Sophisticated weft design keeps the hair shed free & tangle free. Hair is naturally Wet & Wavy every time. Hair can be straightened with a flat iron then simply washed to achieve the natural curl patterns.


Unprocessed Naked Remy Human Hair Weaving


Natural wavy hair without any processed dye, bleach or perm
• Unprocessed Remy Hair
• Original curls are restored after wash
• Only the healthiest Remy hair is selected
• Long-lasting wear
• Shed-Free and comfortable wear using the "easy sew, easy weft" unique innovation
• Soft weft design allows for effortless easy sewing
• Excellent results even with heat styling tools - Naked series replicates the exact perm roller shape
• Stays healthy even after color treatments
• Create your own style!

Care Instruction :
1. Before washing the hair, gently brush the hair thoroughly starting from the bottom working your way to the top removing any knots or tangle.
2. Shampoo and rinse with lukewarm water. Then condition the hair and rinse the thoroughly to prevent and product buildup.
3. Repeat the washing process if any styling products were used. You can also soak the hair in lukewarm water with shampoo for 10 minutes and rinse.
4. Gently pat the hair with a towel to dry. It is highly recommended to let the hair air dry.
5. Spray leave-in conditioner and brush it gently. Do not tug or pull on the hair.
Deep conditioning is essential to the hair routinely to keep the hair looking healthy. Deep conditioning should be done according to how often you style your hair. Deep condition at least once or twice a month if heating tools are used regularly, if you have dyed the hair, or chemically treated the hair multiple times. Deep condition at least twice a month if the hair has been used for a while or color treated or chemically treated multiple times. To store it, deep condition the hair and air dry it completely. Avoid humid area and direct light.

* Please note that you should always consult with a professional before styling or chemically treating the hair*
1. Mix 1 part water and 1 part leave-in conditioner to spray softly on the hair.
2. For more defined curls, mix in conditioner with lukewarm water. Hold the weft and immerse them in the water.
3. Comb hair gently or use your fingers to comb it through while scrunching the hair to set the curls.
4. Hair spray or hair lotion can be used for longer lasting curls.
5. Spray leave-in conditioner and brush it gently. Do not tug or pull on the hair.

1. Spray a small amount of leave-in conditioner after wash and dry hair completely.
2. Brush the hair gently to loosen the curls.
3. Apply a heat protection product to avoid any damages. Use a flat iron to straighten the hair. (For best results, the temperature on the flat iron should be between 300F°~350F°)
4. Apply hair serum at the tip of the hair for a healthy look.

Color Treatment
1. Read and follow the hair dye instruction accordingly.
2. the results may vary depending on the hair dye of your choices so carefully reference the hair dye instruction.
3. It is recommended to use a product that contains protein before dying the hair. This will protect it from getting damaged by the hair dye.
4. Color result may be different if you are re-dying the hair. It is best to consult a professional.

1. Consult with a experienced professional regarding the procedure.
2. Read the instruction and understand it before you begin the bleach process.
3. Hair bleaching is the process of removing the pigment from the hair strand. If you wish to dye the hair with a striking color, you can bleach it first to get true and vibrant color. 4. To protect the hair from getting damaged from the bleach process, it is recommended to use a treatment product that contains protein agents before and after the procedure.
5. Using a hair dye after your bleach it may damage the hair severely. it is recommended to use semi permanent hair dye instead.
6. If bleach powder is used with peroxide developer.

Cold Perm
1. Consult with a experienced professional regarding the procedure.
2. Read and fully understand the perm instruction and follow the steps accordingly. Choose the curl size base for the desired curl pattern.
3. It is recommended to use a treatment product that contains protein before and after the perm procedure. This will protect the hair from getting damaged.
4. If you wish to re-perm the hair, you must consult a professional to avoid unwanted curl results.


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