Naked Art Unprocessed Human Hair Weave - WAVE 4PCS

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Color: Natural

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Shake-N-Go Saga Naked™ Art 100% Unprocessed Brazilian Human Hair Weave - WAVE 4PCS

MULTI-LENGTH 4 PCS: 14", 16", 18" + SILK BASE CLOSURE (3.5"X3.5")

MULTI-LENGTH 4 PCS: 18", 20", 22" + SILK BASE CLOSURE (3.5"X3.5")

100% Natural Curly Hair without any added Process. DYE, BLEACH, PERM

• Unprocessed Remy - Curls given by Nature.
• Perfect Natural Curls.
• Original curls restored after every wash.
• Only the healthiest remy hair is selected.
• Long-lasting wear.
• All natural remy hair.
• Shed-Free weft innovation.
• Returns to its original condition wash after wash.
• Excellent results with heating tools.
• Stays healthy after color treatment.
• Able to perm with great results.
• Shed-Free and comfortable war using the "easy sew, easy weft" exclusive innovation.
• Sophisticated soft weft design allows for effortless easy sewing.

COLOR IT with CONFIDENCE with NAKED Brazilian Virgin Remy

Everyone knows color treatment will damage hair. That is why it is essential to be healthy in order to color properly. True secret to the Naked Brazilian Hair is its robust health - comparable to raw hair - which can dye any way you desire with great results.

Introducing the Naked Brazilian Virgin Hair Series. Healthy and dye-namic natural hair one can confidently trust.

• Color It Your Way! - Rich radiant healthy hair even after color treatment.
• Lasting Power! - Healthiness lasts a long time wash after wash.
• No Shedding! - Sophisticated weft design keeps the hair shed free & tangle free.
• Naturally Wet & Wavy Every Time - Can be straightened with flat iron and simply wash for a natural curl patterns.
• Create Your Own Curls! - Naked replicates te exact perm roller shape you choose.

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