Melanin Queen Human Hair Blend AnyPart Lace Wig - MLCP202 QUEEN CRIMP

$ 59.99 $ 45.23

Brand: Mane Concept

Mane Concept Melanin Queen® Human Hair Blend StyleMix™ 5" Deep AnyPart Crimp Baby Hair Lace Front Wig - MLCP-202 QUEEN CRIMP 

Head Turner, Fashion Statement:
Melanin Queen® bring a new fashion statement to its line up with the Crimp Lace Wig, adding a new and refreshing look that will turn heads wherever you go. This unique piece is equipped with a long but straight deep wave that extra Umph to your style. This is a stand out look that naturally attracts attention and have you feeling like a deity. Unleash your confidence and experience the innovate Crimp Lace Wig from Melanin Queen®.

• 5" Deep "AnyPart" Design Gets You Your Fave!
• 100% Human Hair Blend StyleMix™
• Skin Friendly, Natural Soft & Comfortable
• Maximum Comfort
• Maximum Manageability

100% Human Hair StyleMix Care Instructions
1. Untangle hair before washing with a wide tooth comb or running your fingers through.
2. Apply mild shampoo in lukewarm water.
3. Gently squeeze out excess water and pat dry with a towel without rolling the hair.
4. To dry hair, use a low heat dryer or set dry by air naturally.

1. When drying, do not twist or forcefully squeeze the hair.
2. Do not over brush curls or waves.