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JazzWave 100% Remi Human Hair Whole Lace Wig - LC-7031

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Brand: Jazz Wave

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JAZZ WAVE 100% Remy/Remi Human Hair Whole Lace Wig - LC-7031 (Mono 500)

Features: • All Hand-Tied Natural Hairline Whole Lace • Part Anywhere (No Tracks) • French Lace • Very Light Weight How to attach a lace (front) wig: 1. Please braid your own hair down and clean inside or wear a wig hair liner. 2. Place the wig on to fit your head and then move the wig to get the most natural hairline. 3. Start cutting off the extra lace. Be sure to cut a little bit each time to avoid over-cutting. 4. If necessary, apply adhesive to the hairline to make the wig stay firmly on your head. 5. Style hairline as you wish. How to remove a lace (front) wig: 1. Pull up you hair so that the adhesive remover will not wet your own hair. 2. Apply the adhesive remover where there is adhesive. 3. Remove the lace (front) wig gently and gradually. Please make sure not to overexert when pulling the lace. 4. Shampoo the unit to wash out the residues left on the lace. 5. Dry the wig naturally and style it into your desired style. Human Hair Care Instructions: • Fill a basin with coll or luke-warm water and add a dash of conditioning shampoo. • Soak for couple of minutes, then wash it gently. • Rinse and comb it thoroughly in cold water. • Let it dry naturally at room temperature. • Brush or set into desired style after it is completely dry. Cautions: For variety, perming and dyeing are recommended to professional stylist only.