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Janet Collection Remy Hair Fit-Clip Weave - Magic Body Clip (8 pcs)

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Color: 613 Champagne Blonde

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Janet Collection 100% Remy Human Hair Fit-Clip Weave - Magic Body Clip (8 pcs)

11 inch weft (1 pc) + 7 inch weft (2 pcs) + 4.5 inch weft (1 pc) + 1.5 inch weft (4 pcs)

• 100% Remy Human Hair
• Natural Body Wave Curl.
• From young single donor.
• Uniform cuticle pattern.
• Chic & lustrous styling.
• Clear & even ends.
• Stays healthy & bouncy even after repeated washing.
• 1 pc of 11" wide track, 2 pcs of 7" wide track, 1 pc of 4.5" wide track, and 4 pcs of 1.5" wide track.
• Quick and easy make-over.
• No damanges on your own hair
• Feel stylish and comfortable all day long.
• Stays its original best condition even after repeated shampoo and conditioners.

General Hair Care Guidelines
Ideal temperature range for curling is from 260°F to 400°F. The curl is tighter as the temperature gets higher. Our stylist recommends 300°F, as ideal for curling and straightening.

CAUTION: Please do not exceed over 400°F. Hair may tangle if general care directions are not followed properly.

General Care for Curly Hair
1. Shampoo running fingers from root (scalp) to end. Avoid tangling while wet. Do not use circular motion.
2. Condition hair and comb out hair while conditioner is in.
3. Brush out while hair is still wet.
4. Apply a little mousse on the entire head.
5. Shake out and do not touch curl.
6. Air dry hair or use hooded dryer.

• Do not let curling or flattening iron temperature go beyond 400°F.
• Do not use any curling or straightening chemicals.
• Do not apply oil sheen hair glosser, mist, or any similar products, which may cause tangling.
• At night, use satin covering to protect hair.

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