Zury Hollywood

Zury Hollywood Brazilian Free Parting Lace Closure - STRAIGHT

$ 48.39 $ 66.99
Color: Natural

Zury Hollywood Unprocessed Brazilian Freestyle Parting 100% Human Hair Full Hand-Tied Lace Closure - STRAIGHT

• Part Your Hair ANYWAY You Want!
• Bleach
• Dye
• Perm

How to Care

Recommend using cool or lukewarm water. Shampoo (no higher than ph7) & condition the hair at least once a week.

1. Dilute 1 ounce of shampoo in a bowl with lukewarm water and lather.
2. Pat hair with shampoo lather. Do not directly apply shampoo the hair.
3. Wash the hair going in a downward motion & rinse throughly. Do not massage the hair. Finger combing recommended.
4. Apply conditioner and comb hair, from the ends working your way up to your scalp. Rinse throughly.
5. Natural air-dry to maintain natural look and original curl shape.
6. Comb 7 brush your hair extension from the bottom of tressed working your way up to the root. Always be gentle.
7. Avoid heavy & oily styling aid products to achieve natural style.
8. Avoid using volumizing shampoo. It can easily frizzes out the hair.
9. Do not use heated styling tools when hair is wet. This will damage the hair and transform the original hair style.

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