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EBIN New York 100% Unprocessed Hair Weave - 5A+ DEEP WAVE COMBO 6pcs

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Color: Natural

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EBIN® New York 100% Unprocessed Virgin Human Hair Weave - Category 5A Plus™ BODY WAVE COMBO (Multi Package 6 pcs + Closure)

MULTI-LENGTH 6 PCS COMBO (10"/10"/12"/12"/14"/14" + Closure)

MULTI-LENGTH 6 PCS COMBO (12"/12"/14"/14"/16"/16" + Closure)

MULTI-LENGTH 6 PCS COMBO (14"/14"/16"/16"/18"/18" + Closure) 

MULTI-LENGTH 6 PCS COMBO (16"/16"/18"/18"/20"/20" + Closure) 

MULTI-LENGTH 6 PCS COMBO (18"/18"/20"/20"/22"/22" + Closure) 

MULTI-LENGTH 6 PCS COMBO (20"/20"/22"/22"/24"/24" + Closure) 

The Most Luxurious Brazilian Virgin Hair.
• 100% Unprocessed and Natural Hair
• Can Curl, Flat-Iron, Color and Bleach, Dyed-Styled
• Fullest Volume Guaranteed
• Youngest and Finest Hair Guaranteed
• Silkier and Shinier than Indiana Hair

EBIN New York's 5A™ hair is 100% unprocessed hair that can be dyed to any color you can imagine. You can re-use the hair many times after dying without looking dry or damaged.

5A™, 6A™, 7A™, 8A™ is the grading designation exclusively owned by EBIN New York. Each bundle is carefully reviewed based on the weight standard, and is graded accordingly. Moreover, 6A™, 7A™, 8A™ hair has one directional cuticle, which prevents the hair from tangling and shedding.

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