BobbiBoss Spunky Side Hair Clip-on Attachment - JERRY CURL

$ 19.99 $ 13.99

Brand: Bobbi Boss

BobbiBoss Spunky Side Hair Clip-on(Clip-in) Attachment - JERRY CURL

Hair that Rocks! EASY CLIPS!
Premium Synthetic Hair. Up to 380°F (Heat Styling with Curling or Flat Iron)

Spunky is a fun & edgy clip-on piece that's easy to wear and perfectly complements micro-braided, shaved, or sleek-gelled side styles while achieving that totally natural look! Add a little pizzazz to your style and reveal your POP side by adding SPUNKY to the side or back of your style!

• Quick & Safe
• Easy to Manage & to Style
• Simple to Attach with Snap Comb Clip
• Perfect Complements to Micro Braided, Shaved, and Sleek-Gelled Side
• Can be Worn as Side of Back Hair
• Most Natural Style with Your Own Hairline
• Fit for Combing & for Heat Styling