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BobbiBoss Devotions Luxury Remi Whole Lace Wig - VICTORIA

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Brand: Bobbi Boss

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Bobbi Boss Devotions™ Luxury 100% Unprocessed Remi/Remy Hair Whole/Full Lace Wig - VICTORIA

Artisan-CraftedLuxury Remi Wig

Lavish yourself with the purest form of natural hair that possesses the most extravagant detail. Experience a new lever of craftsmanship with 100% hand-knotted hair in the healthiest & the most optimized form that performs beautifully like your own hair. A true masterpiece from the base to the finishing, each and every product is handled individually. Every strand of hair is selected adhering to the highest standard of qualify, then tied strand by the careful hands of expert artisans. For your peace of mind on quality and value, each product comes with a certificate if authenticity. Indulge yourself, with confidence, in the privilege of wearing the most luxurious form of natural hair with the added benefit of being able to preserve its quality.

Devotions™ means Quality
Quality that comes from creating with fiery passion, soul, and attention to details. Quality that is beautifully crafted and expertly refined.

Devotions™ means Passion
Passion that drives and powers the relentless journey toward perfection.

Devotions™ means Experience
Experience that requires time, patience, and effort with continuous dedication to refining one's art, that brings it all together.
• 100% natural human hair with distinguished & original selection.
• 100% hand-tied from base to finishing.
• Indisputably natural & free-flowing hair.
• Freedom to part in any direction.
• Moves & handles like your own hair.
• Unprocessed hair performs beautifully with color, perm, and bleach processing.
• Velvet seam for soft wear & gentleness on scalp.

• Circumference adjustment strap for easy & secure fitting. • Certificate of Authenticity included.
• Metal wig stand Included.

1. Run the fingers through the hair or use wide-tooth comb to remove ant tangles prior to washing.
2. Place your wig in a basin filled with cool water.
3. Add some mild shampoo into the water, creating a gentle foam leather. Let it soak for 5 minutes.
4. Work up a leather without rubbing, pulling or tugging the air. Rinse throughly with cool water.
5. Squeeze out water and saturate the hair with quality hair conditioner. Let penetrate for 5 minutes.
6. Using cool water, rinse and remove the conditioner, washing until throughly clean.
7 Gently squeeze out water from hair, pat dry with towel, and let the hair air dry naturally.

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